June 24, 2016

Integrated Alternative Clinic

Integrated Alternative Clinic

First specialized clinic that integrates primary care services, psychological services, substance abuse treatment assisted with drugs, counseling, social work, support services and home location.

In addition to the need for alternative housing to meet the needs of stability of the homeless and considering the critical situation facing public health Puerto Rico to substance use and concurrent mental health disorders, Coalitions Coalition has been given the task to find real alternatives for treatment. That is why from July 2013 establishes and starts operations Integrated Clinic Alternative manage to become a service provider under contract with health insurers, especially the Health Plan of the Government of Puerto Rico.

Integrated Alternative Clinic provides services Aided Drug Treatment Buprenorphine (MATB for its acronym in English) to all those who present a disorder Opiate, according to the criteria DSM-5, having 18 years or more, who meet the eligibility criteria and apply for services, including homeless.

With the mission of providing a health service system integrated and continuous at different levels of care, focused not limited, people with problematic substance use, mental health and homeless.

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