June 25, 2016

Letter of rights for the homeless

Act No.. 130 from 27 September 2007, "An Act to create the Multisectoral Council in Support of Homeless Population", establishes the following rights and benefits:

  1. Receive adequate and suitable shelter for human habitation, with the hygienic and sanitary facilities appropriate, within a secure environment, dignity and respect.
  1. Receive nutritional services, three meals, with adequate diets, as well as nutritional or vitamin supplements that are necessary to ensure their health and wellbeing.
  1. Medical care in their preventive phase, clinical and rehabilitation and intervention, like attention in the area of ​​mental health and related services, including the opportunity to have a variety of alternatives in detoxification and treatment programs for conditions associated with substance abuse and mental health, according to the particularities of the individual requesting the service.
  1. Guidance and effective access to all public services and social benefits to which they qualify and enjoy the help and support they need to be granted, including but not limited to:
    1. Comprehensive health services;
    2. governmental economic and nutritional aids; Y
    3. Emergency Shelter, Temporary or permanent housing.
  1. Receive guidance, help, training and retraining, to enable the homeless to join the workforce.
  1. Protection by law enforcement officers against any kind of mistreatment or abuse to physical or mental integrity, threats, denigrating or discriminatory acts.
  1. Receive the following services:
    1. free legal advice;
    2. A To be provided a free mailing address for correspondence;
    3. To have access to complementary services, such as support groups, sectarian chaplaincy, taking into account the preference of the person, among others;
    4. Specialized therapy;
    5. Recreational and cultural activities, among other.
  1. The right to free access to places, parks and other public facilities, except those which by nature of their use is not permitted or is considered private property or pose a risk to life and safety of the homeless or other.
  1. The right to have access to legal services which ensure higher levels of protection and care.
  1. The right to receive training on strategies to collect economic resources and promote initiatives aimed at promoting the effort.

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